Spirit of Houston

"Run Your Own Race, at Your Own Pace"

Virtual 5K - Father's Day Weekend

Prizes! Exercise! Scholarships! 

Virtual 5K Run details:

1. Race will be from Friday 6/19 - Sunday 6/21

2.Participants are encouraged to walk, crawl, skip, run a 5k

3.Participants will screenshot their time during the Father's Day weekend window and then email to

4.Put your T-Shirt size in the comments when registering

5.T-Shirts will be distributed at SBMC approx 2-3 weeks after event. Details will be announced at the Zoom finish line party

6.Zoom finish line award ceremony will be held the weekend after the race (Sun June 28 @ 6PM)

7. Prizes:

- Sometimes Quickly/Sometimes Slowly (fastest and slowest time)

- Best Selfie taken during 5k (you're so vain)

- Best costume (pic needed)

- Hurry up and wait and defect of sloth (first and last entry received via email)

- Anyone can participate (recovered or sick or not interested in 12 steps)

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