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Conference Information

The Spirit of Houston Conference believes we have a responsibility to carry the message of recovery to those who need it most - the newcomer and those struggling to stay sober, regardless of the ability to pay for registration. This conference is self-supporting through registration proceeds. Funds collected through our scholarship drives and registrations ensure that those unable to pay will never be turned away.

Date: November 5, 2022
Location: St. Christopher's Episcopal Church
1656 Blalock Rd, Houston, TX 77080

Conference Cost: $10 suggested donation


11am-Speaker: Allen K. 6/14/94, 22 years, Cypress Group

*12pm Hospitality Lunch*

1pm-Speaker: Darrin C. 10/19/09, 13 years, Safecrackers

2pm-Speaker: Kevin G. 11/6/14, 7 years, B.A.R.C. Dickinson, TX

4pm-Speaker: Jessica G. 6/6/98, 24 years, Cypress Group

3pm-Speaker: Nancy M 2/19/09, 13 years, Cypress Group

5pm Alateen Speaker

5:15pm Alanon Speaker Bea P.


6:15pm-Speaker: Wendy Sue H. 8/28/85, 37 years,

Tuesday Night Step Study

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